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Drivers of the emerging value chain in the bioeconomy

In June 2015, the Chair for Technology and Management in Agribusiness had the great pleasure to host Prof. Martin Cloutier as a guest scientist.

Cloutier is a professor at the Department of Management and Technology at the School of Management of the University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada). His research interests are system dynamics, mixed research designs, value chain analysis and innovation steams in the bioeconomy.
During his research stay with the BioSC, Prof. Cloutier furthermore organized, together with Prof. Bröring, Dr. Preschitschek and MSc. Berg a concept mapping study to determine “Drivers of emerging value chains in the bioeconomy”.
The aim of this study is to map the views of industry experts, scientists from academia and other stakeholder groups that are currently or in the future involved in emerging bio-economic value chains, or were in the past.
We thank Prof. Cloutier for this very interesting and fertile cooperation and are looking forward to further collaborations.
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